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At RenditionDigital International, we implement strategies to ensure maximum customer benefits from our solutions.

Building Confidence in the Partnership: Testing services for growth We enable our prospective customers to try out our services by executing low-priority projects that carry minimum risks. After gaining a level of familiarity and confidence, we encourage them to nurture the relationship by engaging in larger-scored projects.

Implementing Ring-Fenced Teams: Your knowledge stays with you We guarantee that the people and resources assigned to a project remain so for the duration of the engagement. Resources are not moved to another engagement without our customer’s consent.

Choosing the Right Resources: Matching capabilities and requirements We assign engineers who are capable and skilled in meeting specific project requirements. This matchup assures quality and timely delivery of solutions, and at the same time builds customer confidence.

Managing Projects: Choosing the level of involvement Customers can choose between allowing us to fully manage their projects, or have our resources supplement their own project teams. We strongly encourage client participation in both the technical and management sides of the project.

Choosing On-shore or Off-shore Locations: Adapting to clients’ needs We adapt to the needs and requirements of our customers. We can deploy our team at the customers’ site, work off-shore in our location, or work through a combination of on-shore and off-shore efforts.

These strategies are the bases for implementing:

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