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Publishing/Mobile App Development

Client Description:
The client is one of the largest and one of the most diversified book publishers in the UK, which deals in the publishing of educational materials, as well as the development of e-Learning materials.

The client has also ventured into the development of mobile e-Learning applications for the iPhone and iPad, to which RenditionDigital International was asked to provide its expertise.

Solution/Service Provided:
RenditionDigital International was tasked to develop, then later on provide enhancements, to the client’s iPhone app, which assists users of the application in learning a foreign language, on their own.

RenditionDigital International provide development and testing expertise to the project, which made use of Objective C and XCode as its main technologies.

2 Development engineers and 1 UI/Multimedia engineer were assigned to the 11 month project (3 months for the initial development project, 8 months for the application enhancements).

Current Team Size: 5

Team Roles and Positions:

  • Project Manager
  • Development Manager
  • Senior Graphics Engineer
  • IOS Engineers (Senior and Mid Level)

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