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Mobile Solutions/Telecommunications

Client Description:
A software platform pioneer and a global market leader in mobile platform intelligence and cloud computing.
A supplier of state-of-the-start, Telco grade products to the global communications industry.

Solution/Service Provided:
RenditionDigital International has provided off-shore development services in the areas of QA and software development. We are currently providing the QA leadership for select projects and we have also taken various roles on the development that includes team lead role and developer roles.

Pre-Paid to MMS/SMS Billing Mediation Systems

  • Originally architected in Python on Unix/Solaris
  • Later rewritten in Java
  • Several instances developed supporting different Pre-Paid systems

Extensive Web Application/Portal Development

  • mCommerce and Advertising
  • Various multi-user Workflow systems
  • Point of Sales Information Systems
  • Agent Management System

Several Application & Device Provisioning User Interfaces

  • Unified Service Platform Provisioning Sub-system
  • Lawful Interception Provisioning Platform
  • Over-The-Air Mobile Device Provisioning Platform

CDR Data Warehouse Scripting & Reporting (Revenue Assurance)

  • Terabit database trawling
  • Unix and SQL Script development
  • BO (Business Objects) reporting
  • Numerous subsystems developed off-shore and deployed on-site at operators in Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia and Australia

Equipment Specific Plug-In development for Revenue Assurance Product

  • Approximately 60 Plug-In developments
  • Implemented in Java

Mobile Advertising Application (subsystem development)

  • Subsystem development according to client requirements
  • Implemented in Java

IP, SMTP and GTP packet inspection & reporting

  • Real-time packet inspection deployed in Lawful Interception application
  • Implemented in C++

OSA/Parlay Service Delivery Platform

  • Core product development
  • Implemented in Java Technologies


  • Enhancements to Diameter Emulator: It includes implementation of multiple connection support for Diameter Client and Device-Watchdog-Request/Answer implementation for Diameter Client
  • Packet Generation Tool to test Billing System interface plug-ins
  • Implementation of Billing System Interface plug-in for Optus CBOSS
  • Redevelopment of an Automated Mobile Phone Test Suite
  • SMS and MMS Server Process Manager providing failover and restart capability

Technologies used/Expertise

  • Web Services
  • Spring
  • JEE
  • OSGI
  • OneAPI SMS
  • Groovy/Grails
  • JPBM Oracle
  • Apache Tiles
  • AspectJ
  • JUnit
  • Apache Tomcat
  • MySQL
  • JBoss
  • Selenium
  • Canoe
  • JMeter
  • Eclipse running on CentOS platform

Team history
The team started with four (4) core members. The team has grown by over 200% over the years.

An apprenticeship approach has been adopted by the team. There is a concept of a shadow resource that is added to the team. During the first 4 weeks, the shadow resource has been assigned tasks that have been completed by the team in the past. This allows a learning environment that is exactly like the actual development environment but at zero risk to the project. After the first 4 weeks, the shadow resources are assigned tasks that are live (current) but are deemed to be low risk. Within a couple of months, the shadow resource can take on actual tasks like any other member. During this time, the shadow resources become part of the team, and it is then time to add another shadow resource to start the training cycle all over again.

The shadow resource approach allows the team to grow in a controlled way. The approach does not negatively impact the productivity of the other team members because it is a very low foot-print activity.

Current Team Size: 14

Team Roles and Positions:

  • Tech Lead
  • Java Developers (Junior to Senior Level)
  • QA Engineers (Junior to Senior Level)

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