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Telco Mediation/Billing

Client Description
A global provider of robust, extensible and innovative Service Optimization Software to communications and media service providers. Their software-based solution allows media and communication companies to control, monetize and increase the visibility into the usage of services and network resources.

Solutions/Service provided
We provided off-shore QA and Software Development services. We have taken QA leadership roles on select QA automation projects using UNIX scripting. We provided insights that our client used to improve and refine select areas of their development and testing process.


  • UNIX
  • Shell script (bash, ksh, csh)
  • Proprietary programming language

Team history
The team started with 4 core members with extensive experience in production support. While the initial skill set of the members did not include software development, RDI was able to take on projects that involved software development. This was achieved by providing mentoring and coaching resources to the team.

The mentors/coaches were from the other software development teams of RenditionDigital International After the initial engagement which lasted a couple of months, the team has grown 100% to a team of eight. The initial four members are being groomed to take on the mentoring and coaching role.

Current Team Size: 11

Team Roles and Positions:

  • Project Manager
  • Development Manager
  • Technical Lead
  • Test/Development Engineers (Junior to Senior Level)

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