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Our People

At RenditionDigital International, we hire the best people and keep them up-to-date with the latest trends and technology through innovative learning opportunities.

The variety of work we do and the experiences we gather provide an ideal platform from which to build a career. Our people have opportunities to develop their technical skills, improve leadership qualities, and broaden their experience in project management, client relationships, and people management.

Learning through Diverse Work Opportunities
Our people have access to a wide range of work opportunities. We offer diverse opportunities to help them reach their full potential particularly in the areas of technology, project management, business development, or other fields.

Implementing New Hire Orientation
Our new hire employees undergo technical, managerial and professional skills development training. Through these trainings, each employee becomes familiar with RenditionDigital International’s business operations, company culture and values, and project management processes. They also become aware of the tools to help them learn more quickly.

Offering Multi-tiered Training Opportunities 
Our multi-tiered approach in skills development builds our people’s core, professional, and business skills. This approach is done by applying experiential learning through mentoring, coaching, online training, and blended learning programs. Our people also acquire and build specialized skills faster particularly in the areas of people management, job-specific expertise, values, and leadership.

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