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Multimedia & Flash Development

Interactive Rich Media Expertise

RenditionDigital International creates captivating and engaging multimedia solutions that cater to your business’ information, education and marketing needs. Our highly creative artists and innovative engineers transform ideas into stunning interactive and visual media to effectively deliver your message. The efficiency and project management skills of our multimedia team ensure rapid turnaround time, giving you the full benefit of our competitive cost structure. Whether you’re looking to outsource a professionally crafted corporate PowerPoint presentation, a flash game, or a rich, interactive multimedia application, RenditionDigital International delivers.

Flash Development

RenditionDigital International has developed a wide variety of captivating interactive animation and engaging user interfaces in Flash. We’ve developed Flash games, online gaming interfaces, e-Learning courseware, e-Books, website intros and Flash websites using dynamically driven actionscript with motion graphics & compelling audiovisuals.

Our menu of Flash engineering services includes:

  • Advanced action script programming
  • Application design and specification
  • Content integration and maintenance
  • Creative concept development
  • Flash usability
  • Game design and specification
  • Interfacing through XML or Flash
  • Object-oriented flash development
  • Problem solving, optimization and simplification
  • Site design and specification
  • e-Learning interactivities using action script and flash programming
  • Flash Comm Server, AJAX (asymmetric JavaScript and XML) and DHTML
  • Interfacing with PHP/MySQL (AMFPHP), ASP.NET, J2EE and ColdFusion

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Creative Design

Our visual designers and production artists are well-versed in the latest design strategies and tools. We’ve designed logos, brochures, websites and more. Let our imaginative team create unique, fresh, and original design collateral solutions for your business today!

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Video and Audio Production

Our skilled production team can create the perfect audio-visual experience for your project. Whether you’re looking to outsource post-production tasks for film, music soundmixing, format conversion, or a comprehensive audio-visual experience, RenditionDigital International has the expertise and resources to deliver the optimal solution in the format of your choosing.

We offer:

  • Audio and music post-editing
  • Audio and video format conversion
  • Noise reduction
  • Non-linear audio and video editing
  • Sound mixing
  • Visual composition effects
  • Audio and video encoding

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