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Augmentation Practices

RenditionDigital International provides clients with tailor-made solutions to immediately solve staff and resource challenges. Our augmentation strategies help supplement client resources and focus on early revenue generation.

Short-term Team Augmentation 
New projects often require a different set of skills and resources with an undetermined timeframe. RenditionDigital International provides customers with a team of engineers that can be integrated with the customers’ project team, either at their facilities or remotely from our office as an off-shore team.

Highly Skilled Off-shore Teams 
When certain projects require highly skilled resources over an extended period of time, RenditionDigital International creates an off-shore team dedicated to the customer’s project.

APAC presence: Off-shore Design Centre 
The success of a company often depends on its presence in a region where they have never done business before. To be truly effective, European and North American corporations can benefit from a regional engineering base.

RenditionDigital International’s longstanding experience in the Asia-Pacific region allows a company to build their presence quickly, easily, and with confidence. We enable our customers to operate an office in the region, under their own name and with their own staff. They may set-up their own private network, security, and development standards. We take care of everything else so that the customer’s regional office is up and running within weeks.

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