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Engagement Models

RenditionDigital International offers a variety of engagement models to fit individual project and customer needs.

Fully-Managed Engagement
RenditionDigital International is accountable for the overall outcome of the project. An appropriate project manager is assigned on a full-time basis. Fully-managed projects offer the minimum level of risk for the customers while at the same time allows them minimum participation in controlling project activities.

Staffing Engagement
The customer is in the driver seat of project implementation. We provide well-qualified engineers as part of the development team. The full management accountability of the project stays with the customer and we offer assistance upon request.

The Hybrid Model 
This model allows combined management responsibilities for RenditionDigital International and our customers. We assign a project manager to work together with the customer’s project manager. Usually, the engineers assigned to the project report directly to the customer. Our project manager monitors the progress and directs the engineers towards the completion of planned tasks.

Project plans are usually created by the client, while the RenditionDigital International project manager is responsible for the resource/staffing plan.

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