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Courseware Development 
We are developing e-Learning courseware for the online and offline delivery of corporate trainings that cover various topics – basic office skills, management skills and technical skills specific to our customers’ employee needs. Our e-Learning team is also developing interactive tutorials to help our clients’ customers use their products.

We developed a multimedia-rich training package for a US call center with operations in the Philippines and China. Together with the SMEs our e-Learning team developed the content and our multimedia team designed the graphics and animations.

Content Management Systems 
We are developing data models, business layers, and presentation layers for various clients and their CMS (Content Management System). Each CMS architecture includes an exposed API layer that utilizes SOAP. The development technologies being used are:

  • AJAX
  • Apache POI
  • Hibernate
  • J2EE
  • MySQL
  • Struts-Framework
  • Tiles

Technical Writing
Our customers tap our e-Learning team for technical writing services to create user guides, technical documentation, software tutorials, and online help, among other products.

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