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RenditionDigital International implements customized processes in management, product development, quality assurance, reviews and post-project evaluation. These processes anticipate risks and problems, develop immediate solutions, improve project control, ensure project completion and build customer confidence.

Project/Program Management
With certified PMPs, RenditionDigital International applies the Earned Value Method (EVM) to monitor the progress and performance of projects. Schedule and cost performances are measured based on actual and planned work, and cost of work performed on a per project plan task level. Results are accurate in forecasting project completion metrics.

Software Engineering
Our Software Process Framework consists of five components:

  1. Software process policies
  2. Software development process
  3. Software development management process
  4. Software quality management process
  5. Software support process

Quality Assurance Practices
We have an institutionalized quality management process that is based on industry best practices and lessons learned from previous experiences.

Management Reviews
We implement regular management reviews at the senior management level, project level, and at the team level.

Quality Gates
We conduct formal and informal project reviews after every phase of SDLC to evaluate the results and assess the readiness to proceed to the next phase. Project schedules and implementation strategies are also redefined as needed.

Automated Code Reviews
We perform code coverage for all codes written by engineers using JUnit, NUnit, etc. where appropriate.

Manual Code Reviews
We manually review sample codes that represent the maximum complexity of the system through peer reviews among engineers. These reviews are facilitated by the Application/Technical Architect. The results of these reviews are cascaded to the rest of the code-base to ensure consistency.

Lessons Learned Sessions
We conduct post-project sessions after completion of each project to review the entire project implementation, and identify areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement. Appropriate action items are derived from the sessions to improve the implementation of future projects.

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