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Online Marketplace Support

RenditionDigital International Ltd. (RDI) provides an array of services to support growth and customer experience of an online marketplace.

Content and Customer Support

RDI provides a complete range of services that will enhance and maintain the content on your website, make sure that your customers have received a great service and help you expand your online suppliers.

User Generated Content

We can call your customers to check that they got great service. We’ll also ask them for reviews, ratings and comments so you capture their user generated content.

Keep Content Fresh

We can keep your content fresh and up-to-date by regularly checking your suppliers websites and updating your site as needed.

Expand your offerings

We are specialists at finding new content for your site. From healthcare to beauty to conference rooms, we are experienced at sourcing new suppliers, generating relevant and SEO friendly data and publishing this to your site.

Quality Control and Marketing

We can call your customers to see if they are happy with their transaction. We can also suggest additional products and services that you specify. We can record all calls and evaluate them with you for quality control.

Research and Onboarding New Providers

Based on our clients instructions, we find suitable suppliers or service providers for their e-Marketplace. Data about the suppliers Products or Services, Locations, Contact Information is added to the e-Marketplace Directory and Catalogs.

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