Travel Industry - RenditionDigital International, Inc.

Travel Industry

Client Description:
Our client develops Web-based solutions for the Hospitality and Travel industries which includes reservation systems internet booking/ticketing engine, real-time search/availability, Payment gateways.

Solution/Service Provided:
RenditionDigital International has been providing the client off-shore Development Services since 2004, which currently has 17 engineers assigned.

RenditionDigital International performs Help-Desk, Engineering Support, and Customized Development for 35 customers in the Travel Domain, i.e. Airlines, Hotels and Travel Agencies.

The range of services provided by RenditionDigital International to this client includes:

  • QA/Testing Team
  • 24/7 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support
  • On-site post sales support
  • Technologies include J2EE, EJB, IIOP, Web services

Current Team Size: 17

Team Roles and Positions:

  • Development/Program Manager
  • Java Developers (Junior to Tech Lead Level)
  • QA Engineers (Junior to Tech Lead Level)
  • Technical Support/Implementation Engineers (Senior Level)

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