Communications/Embedded - RenditionDigital International, Inc.


Client Description:
A global leader in worldwide communications and video broadcasting. Their products are used for Defense Programs, National Intelligence, Television Studio, and CCTV.

Solution/Service Provided:
We developed an entire embedded software for one of the client’s product line. The software has been designed and implemented from the ground up. The project involved, among others, development of device drivers. The C language was chosen to meet the requirements of high speed processing on the kernel space. The C++ language was also used on other parts of the application to achieve modularity and ease of re-use through object oriented development approach.

We have taken various roles during the development of the product, and we continue to do so. Chief among these roles are tech lead and QA.


  • Embedded C/C++
  • Linux Device Driver
  • TCP/IP Sockets Programming
  • GTK/Cairo Graphics
  • SNMP
  • Windows MFC
  • Silverlite
  • LUA Scripting

Team history:
The team started with two core members. Over the years, the team size has increased more than five-folds. The team has taken various approaches on how to grow, the two most successful approaches have been the apprenticeship approach and the OJT (On the job trainee) approach.

An apprenticeship approach has been adopted by the team. There is a concept of a shadow resource that is added to the team. During the first 4 weeks, the shadow resource has been assigned tasks that have been completed by the team in the past. This allows a learning environment that is exactly like the actual development environment but at zero risk to the project. After the first 4 weeks, the shadow resources are assigned tasks that are live (current) but are deemed to be low risk. Within a couple of months, the shadow resource can take on actual tasks like any other member. During this time, the shadow resources become part of the team, and it is then time to add another shadow resource to start the training cycle all over again.

The shadow resource approach allows the team to grow in a controlled way. The approach does not negatively impact the productivity of the other team members because it is a very low foot-print activity. The OJT approach is meant for talented new graduates. Like the apprenticeship approach, the OJT approach allows the shadow resource to participate on low-risk team activities.

Current Team Size: 12

Team Roles and Positions:

  • Development Manager
  • Tech Lead
  • C/C++ Developer (Junior to Senior Level)
  • Senior QA

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