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Social Media and Games

Client Description:
Our client produces consumer products in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and France, through distributes them through company-owned, retail establishments.

The client is current listed in the NYSE, and in 2007, posted total revenue of $470 M.

Solution/Service Provided:
The client envisioned the development of a Virtual Work in order to extend their product’s experience to the World Wide Web in 2007, and needed a partner who would provide the Customer Service, On-Line Community Management, and Testing Services needed to support the operations and growth of this virtual play-land.

RenditionDigital International’s BPO expertise allowed us to put together the operations team needed to meet the client’s requirements.

The services which RenditionDigital International has provided the client are in the following areas:


  1. Customer Service
    • RenditionDigital International has put together a Customer Service Team (which runs 18×7) to address all user queries and concerns.
    • The Customer Service Team is split into a 1st and 2nd Tier Email Support Teams, which handle all account and game related issues being experienced by the Virtual World’s players, and is managed by its own Team Lead.
    • The Support Team’s Leads also functions as the Quality Assurance Support personnel of the operations, where all outgoing email correspondence to the Virtual World users, based on the quality metrics agreed with RenditionDigital International’s clients.
  2. On-Line Community Management
    • With the commitment to build an on-line experience for all ages, RenditionDigital International provides a 12 man team of “Game Masters” who ensure that the Virtual World is safe and fun environment for its primary age group of users ages 6 to 14.
    • This team not only ensure that the site is free from “cyber predators”, but also make the game more fun by interacting directly with the players.
    • These Game Masters also investigate all complaints between players, and acts to keep the game as a fair place for its gamers.
    • The Team also manages the other off-game community sites that promote the Virtual World’s on-line community (ex. discussion boards, Facebook).
  3. Game Testing
    • Given our strength in Software Development, our client has also tapped RenditionDigital International Software Testing services in order to ensure the quality of the new releases before it goes live to the internet.
    • Our Game Testing Team follow accepted industry standards in ensuring each game release.

    Aside from the in-game support services, our client has also tapped RDI to provide a dedicated team for its Retail Store Help Desk and Web Development.


  4. Retail Store HelpDesk
    • The HelpDesk Team provides IT support to the client’s retail stores operating in the US.
    • The team functions as a call in center for Tier 1 type issues.
    • Once a call is received, the team remotely accesses the IT equipment exhibiting the issue, and progresses with initial troubleshooting.
    • Issues are logged and tracked against an agreed Service Level Agreement with the client.
  5. Web Development Services
    • The dedicated Web Development Team to work on updates for the client’s game and corporate site.
    • The development team work on Flash scripting, HTML and PHP programming, and is also proficient Adobe Photoshop as the team is also tasked to create original artwork following the guidelines set by the client.

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